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Water Heaters can be taken for granted until you run out of hot water! Don’t get stuck in a cold shower! Have C&M Plumbing diagnose your water-heating problem and come up with the best solution for you. We do not charge until we have diagnosed the problem and confirmed how to proceed with your full consent. We can service or replace your water heater in Folsom CA.

Our first and foremost goal is to solve your hot water problem. You may not even need a new water heater or your current unit may just need repair. Are you in Folsom CA? And if your current water heaters need to be replaced or access for replacement, we have a professional and knowledgeable plumber that provides quality work on water heater repair and installations.

Water Heater Specialists Major Responsibilities and Duties:

Maintenance and Replacement of Water Heaters.

  • Water Heater assembles, install, maintain, and pressure test all pipes, fittings, and fixtures of heating, water, drainage, sprinkler, and natural gas systems according to specifications and plumbing codes.
  • Determine sources of plumbing malfunctions and complete replacement as indicated or according to work orders. Check if th4e water heater is leaking, not energy efficient, super hot water. etc
  • Replacing and installing pipes, fittings, valves, fixtures, and plumbing system equipment, including sinks, commodes, water heaters, water softeners, gas water heaters, heat pump water heaters, commercial water heaters, tankless water heaters and etc.
  • Repair dishwashers and kitchen equipment that incorporate gas or water consumption.
  • Select material and hardware and make time and materials estimates. You can choose from a wide selection of top brands of water heaters with registered trademarks that are high quality.
  • Maintain accurate records on material and labor used for the water heater.
  • Maintain inventory of district-owned tools, equipment, and materials. Also, take note of the availability of the equipment since we offer same-day service in Folsom CA.
  • Inspect jobs upon completion and ensure areas of the water heaters are clean.
  • Detect needed water heart replacement on buildings, grounds, and equipment following established inspection procedures.
  • Receive and complete work orders for any time of water heaters like tankless water heaters.


  • Guarantee that the water heater is in safe operating condition.
  • Perform preventive maintenance on tools and equipment for the water heater services.
  • Operate tools and equipment according to established safety procedures. Follow established safety procedures and techniques to perform job duties including lifting, climbing, etc.
  • Correct unsafe conditions of the water heater in the work area and report any conditions that are not correctable to the supervisor immediately.

Types of Water Heaters

What fuel source type for water heaters is available to your home or business?

Electric - Tank
Tankless on Demand
Gas- Tank

Electric Tank

  • Common and relatively easy to install water heaters
  • It May require a simple expansion tank

Tankless Water Heaters On Demand (Electric or Gas fuel source)

  • Installation provided
  • Initial installation cost offset by energy cost saving
  • Last longer than conventional tank types
  • May include California Tankless Water Heater Tax Credit*
  • Must be replacing a conventional tank-type

Gas Tank
(Natural or LP)

  • Recovers to set temperatures quicker than electric
  • Initial installation cost offset by energy cost saving
  • May require a simple expansion tank.

What you need to Know About Repairing and Purchasing a Water Heater

When is the last time you thought about your water heater? While water heaters make our lives easier and more comfortable, we often take them for granted. It’s when a water heater leaks or stops producing hot water that we really pay attention to them. If you’re a homeowner who is looking for information on how to repair a water heater or how to know when it’s time to replace your existing water heater, we offer this water heater repair and buying guide.

We cover everything from types of water heaters, to water heater repair options, to which features to consider when purchasing a new water heater, to water heater costs, so you can make an informed decision about your water heater needs no matter what issue you might be facing.

The information in this water heater repair and buying guide helps homeowners troubleshoot minor water heater issues and communicate with professional plumbers about their water heaters’ problems. With the help of this guide, homeowners will have more knowledge of the water heater the professionals recommend and be able to ask the questions that matter when the professionals arrive to help.

Water Heater Average Costs - Solar, Tankless Water Heaters and Heat Pump Water Heaters

When the time comes water heater replacement, homeowners generally pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Typically, the purchase price includes installation of a traditional storage tank water heater. However, estimating the exact costs remains difficult because of the various makes and models. Plus, installation costs vary by individual project. Also, remember that Energy Star models save homeowners up to 20% in energy costs. So, while these units cost more upfront, they reduce your home energy costs over time!

Generally, tankless, solar, and heat pump water heaters often cost more (for purchase and installation). However, they commonly produce larger energy savings than traditional storage tank water heaters. Additionally, the installation process for a tankless water heater often requires a full eight to ten hours. Conversely, installing a traditional storage water heater generally takes only two to three hours.

Also, replacement costs increase for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • upgrading your water heater mount or size.
  • changing the type of venting system or drain pan underneath the heater.
  • upgrading supply pipes.

As many homeowners know, plumbing costs vary by location and experience. Frequently, professional plumbers who charge the least may not actually be the best choice. Consider warranties, work guarantees, emergency service availability, installer credentials and qualifications, and customer reviews before making your final decision.

Making the right choice to repair or replace your water heater can be difficult. Yet, replacing a water heater nearing the end of its life remains a wise decision. After all, you want your family to enjoy hot water all year long. Finally, when making the decision for water heater repair or replacement, consider contacting plumbing professionals that understand:

  • household water needs.
  • water heater components.
  • repair and installation requirements.
  • relevant regulations.