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The Why

Have you ever had water damage in your house?  It can be a big pain and costly to homeowners. Water damage can come from a number of sources, including burst pipes, the roof, human error, and more.  Even the tiniest amount of water damage may sometimes cost hundreds of dollars in repairs.  If at all feasible, it is critical to try to prevent this type of damage at all costs.  One of the most effective methods to do so is by installing an automatic water shut-off valve.

The What

The term “automatic shut-off valve” or “ASO” refers to a plumbing component that is used to check the water pressure in the house’s plumbing system.  If the valve determines an imbalance in water pressure, it has the ability to cut off the water supply through the waterline, preventing a future issue from developing within the plumbing system.  It’s crucial to note that an automatic shut-off valve will not stop a rupture or leak; however, it is your greatest line of defense against damage happening in the first place.

The How

Manual emergency water shut-off valves are already built into most plumbing systems, which are generally utilized by plumbers or maintenance services alike. The problem with this valve is that many homeowners do not know where the manual valve inside their system is located or how to use it in the event of a crisis. The manual valve is a terrible example of this design’s many faults. Because it isn’t standardized on every plumbing system, you don’t want to waste time hunting for it in an emergency. Finally, a manual shut-off valve is useless if your property begins to flood while you’re not there to turn it off. You can’t stop the damage from happening if you aren’t there to switch off the valve that needs to be manually turned off.

Your Source

At CM Plumbers, we have years of experience working with automatic shut off valves and can replace yours right away! For all your automatic shut-off valve needs, give us a call today. Our plumbers will check your automatic shut-off valve for leaks and make sure that it has been properly assembled on the incoming line. If the automatic shut-off valve is defective, then we can recommend a replacement automatic shut-off valve.

If you suspect that your automatic shut-off valve may be broken, call CM Plumbers today. For all your automatic shut off valve needs, give us a call today. Pipes don’t wait for you to be watching to break.