Plumbing Systems for Custom Designed Homes

Quality Work At A Fair Price


Folsom CA Plumbing for Custom Build Homes

C&M Plumbing has considerable experience installing design-build systems and custom work.

C&M Plumbing has a thorough knowledge of properly installing plumbing systems during the build phase of a custom home or business.

  • Local codes
  • Reading and interpreting architectural blue prints. We design a properly working system that will be worry free
  • Understanding how water sources lead to the system and how surrounding land grades work naturally with the drainage.
  • Annual water heater flush service available
  • Installing the system using the correct materials
  • Understanding capacities and pressure.
  • Installing drains that work.
  • Proper installation to service faucets, appliances, baths/showers, laundry, water heater supply, exterior taps, toilet fill, then drains: disposal, dishwashing, garage, toilet drain, water heater drain.
  • Installing incoming natural gas lines to service its respective appliance.
  • From incoming to removal, the whole package, performed professionally and reliably

Custom planning also includes work for restaurants, tenant improvements and fixture upgrades for ADA compliance.

Codes, Regulations and Compliance – C&M Plumbing is fully aware of what the standards are for your projects

New installation for remodels and additions.

Initiating plumbing for additions and new conception remodels make take differing approaches when tying into an existing system. Our experience will provide the most efficient and high-quality runs for supply and drains.